Is this gadget the next technological revolution? Consumers seem to think so as it's selling out like crazy

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Wouldn't it be great if you had a device that is the same as the online cloud storage, but not as quite as annoying? A place where you could store all of your necessary and unnecessary things? Well, the new Lima device will reinvent the way you store your stuff. To put it simply, you get all the good things about the cloud, and we discard all of the troublesome parts, which nobody really asked for, they were just there.

However, what is the difference between the boring online cloud storage and the fascinating Lima? Well, for starters you can forget the monthly payment for a storage that is not even yours. To be honest, cloud storages were practical in their own way, but they made you pay monthly for a storage place that is not even completely yours. Remember all of those times you went on a vacation, and you forgot to pay for your monthly subscription? Therefore, you were stuck on a plane, train or a bus with nothing to do, just listening to pointless conversations of strangers. Talk about boring. Now take all of those memories, and throw them away. Once you have Lima, you will not be needing them anymore!

With Lima, there is no need for you to worry about paying on time. Once you buy it, it is yours! Make the everyday survival from the real world as entertaining as ever. As long as you have Lima, you can connect at any time, and enjoy your music, movies, pictures…or anything else you can think of. You can even make your shower time more interesting, not to mention your toilet boredom. Just bring a Smartphone with you, and your problems are solved. Lima can connect on any of the devices you own, and will store all of your files in one place.

Do You want to know how 'owning' Lima really feels like? Take your Smartphone. Now throw it away. Not enough? Throw away your PC as well. That is how your Life was so far without this device. To put it bluntly, Lima is like a butt-plug to all of your devices. If you take any known device, Lima could easily have been much cooler than them. The only difference is, Lima was not made by the people at CGC.

Another thing you should consider is your own safety. As we mentioned, when was the cloud storage you paid for actually yours? You shared it with a lot of other people in a way, and none of those files were safe. Imagine if cloud went crazy one day and deleted your files. Nobody could live with that pain. However, there is no way anybody can get a hold of your files if you are using Lima. That is unless you let them. You can consider this device like your sexual companion; wherever you go it will follow and support your every "need".

You can forget about those times that all of your friends were talking about that one show that you all like, but only you did not know what was happening in the last episode because guess what? Your subscription expired. If only, there was a way for you to change that. Oh, wait…there is! With Lima you will always be the superior one, knowing everything upfront.

Overall, Lima is a device you must have. You can forget about your daily boredom. This device was made for your own pleasure as well as to keep you and your loved ones safe.

You might be interested in where did the idea of making such a device come from? The inventor of Lima, Marcombes, explained that he got to this idea simply because he was looking for a new way to store his music on all of his devices. After he explained his idea to Arab, they "locked themselves in a closet", and worked on a prototype for Lima. When they finished their prototype in two years, their product was launched on Kickstarter with a goal of raising $69.000 to be able to manufacture the first 1.000 devices. Shortly after, in less than 12 hours they reached their desired goal and ended up raising $1.2m.

One of the most common issues for Cloud users is the time and money. When you upload files to Cloud - depending on the file size and your connection - it can take time. However, the Lima device does not have this problem, since its initial setup is installed on your local home network, which is generally about 60 times faster than the upload connection. With Lima, all of your devices are able to communicate with each other (peer-to-peer), which is way faster than having to constantly go through servers.

With this device, all of your desired files will be stored at home, not on servers like when using Cloud, who stores your files on a private company abroad. Your content is also possible to be replaced over a number of Limas, and all of your files will have a backup on multiple locations. To put it simply, nobody in the world is going to have the access to your data, other than yourself.

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Albert Khoury

Got mine in the mail today and i'm so happy! It's suuuper smooth

7 minutes ago

John Hall

Whoa does this mean i can watch all my computers movies etc on my phone??

19 minutes ago

Laura Cooper

Anyone tried this yet?? I want one!!

26 minutes ago

Mike Irvin

I'd definately buy this, but $399 is a bit expensive

34 minutes ago

Stacy Chase


47 minutes ago

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